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Pricelist for services

valid from 01/09/2009

Specialist translations

in science, medicine, for the pharmaceutical industry, company/product/service presentations, legal, business, technical etc.

For each language and line**
Normal processing from € 1,00
Express (within 24 hours)* from € 1,25
Super express (as quickly as possible)* from € 1,50

* please enquire (usually text quantity up to 150 standard lines)

** Calculations are based on standard lines which correspond to 52 ASCII characters (including blank spaces). We can also make offers based on word counts.

Night and weekend supplements 20%
Supplement for translation of terminology lists 50%

Expert editing and proofreading

Proofreading € 40 per hour
Expert editing, consultation € 40 per hour (25% more time than proofreading)
Correction of translations not prepared by academic services please enquire

Other services

Graphic formatting or preparation € 40 per hour
Speech-to-Text please enquire
Voiceover, subtitling please enquire

Website development

Website design € 40 per hour or € 400 per day
PHP-programming, web application development (in Joomla) € 40 per hour or € 400 per day


With repeat orders or large quantities of text we can negotiate a percentage rebate. The same applies if texts contain large quantities of repeating text.

An individual offer

Preparation of a quote is normally done within a working day. For this purpose we need to have a copy of the text to be translated. If the preparation of a quote itself takes a significant amount of time (more than half an hour), Academic Services reserves the right to charge for this time at our standard hourly rates.

Minimum order per language: 50.- €