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Does your business need an actively maintained website ?

Have you ever thought of setting up a website, whether it be to promote your

  • restaurant or bar
  • shop or store
  • community or interest group,  for like minded people, or for your like-minded customers?

Perhaps you have a product to sell, but feel you can better sell it in an online environment without the need for opening up a store for the purpose.

Many bars and restaurants have websites which suffer from being, quite simply, lacking in life. They are rarely maintained, and so consequently, rarely visited by people who may be interested in their product or store.

Since the development of content management systems, management has now become a doddle for anyone wishing to keep their website updated, whether they are interested in updating imagery, products on offer, or simply providing a platform upon which their regular customers can interact. What better way for people to meet other people from the same area with similar interests?

Big White Spot Design offers a comprehensive service to handle all your needs.