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Website startup

When you start up a content-management based website , the first things you need are

  • A server to host your website
  • A domain name (or several) for your website
  • A content management system installed on your website

1: Server - Web hoster

A server is a computer on the internet which serves to host websites. Everytime a website is called, information is retrieved from that computer. Many servers are owned by web-hosting providers, and if you are a small company expecting less than 10000 visits a month, these solutions are more than adequate.

There are many companies offering server space, with some offering very good deals. There are some very important prerequisites, not least being that the server is capable of running PHP5, and that Mysql databases are offered in their package. It should also have a php.ini file that is at least partly writeable.

One company offering very good deals is With their basic package they  even offer free webspace for the first year. You would be well advised to take this package if you work with us.

2: Domain name

Your concern will also need a domain name. Many webhosters also provide a service to book domains over their system. also do this. You will also be able to create email addresses specific to your domain name once the domain name is booked.

3: Content management system

in the old days people used to have to design every aspect of their webpage. this has now been greatly simplified by the development of so-called content management systems. There are many out there, and the great thing is that many are open source, and as such totally free. A content management system is basically a bunch of computer programmes located in so called "php" files that are filed in directories on your server. These files also interact with a database on your server which contains all the content. An item of content may be a news article, a menu, the description of an item to be sold.  All of these can be dynamically changed at will without having to change the architecture of the website. The CMS we use is also the most popular, namely Joomla.

What we can offer you

BWS design can do all the work of setting you up with a server, domain name and a content management system, or we can take an already set up server and domain name and install the cms on your website...however you wish.